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    Hi, I installed this plugin about a week ago and immediately after installation (before even making any changes to role capabilities) it blocked my access as the super admin to the plugin management page and the settings for some of my other plugins. I went into the database and deleted the plugin manually since I couldn’t access the usual page to do it. But, now the plugin is gone and I still can’t get to those pages. Any idea what the problem could be?


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  • Hello becalm,

    You might try installing User Role Editor and adjusting setting through it to regain access to the page. We actually run it simultaneoulsy with Advanced Access Manager for some additional features.

    Then reinstall Advanced Access Manager and follow these steps to make your Super Admin user(s) immune to restrictions.

    Best of luck!

    Phil D


    I went ahead and installed User Role Editor, but I cannot access the page to activate the plugin. It tells me the plugin was successfully installed, but instead of giving the option to activate like usual it sends me back to the plugin installer. Is there another way to regain access?


    Update on my situation:

    AAM is uninstalled. Went in on the ftp and deleted the folder. However, I (as the super admin) am still restricted from viewing certain pages. One of those pages is the plugins page. It doesn’t show in the plugin drop down menu, but if I go to the page /wp-admin/plugins it brings me to “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    One of my other plugins, WordPress Business Directory, has one admin bar section for all its settings/admin and another admin bar section for its listings. I can access the listings area fine, but if I hover over the settings section, on hover a blank box appears with none of the submenu categories.

    I’m currently using a theme called BlankSlate (a separate developer built this site originally) with no option to switch to a default WordPress theme.

    I really just need to know how to completely remove AAM and all its traces so it will stop blocking me from these pages. As I mentioned above, trying a different role editing plugin will not work because I can’t activate any plugins.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated,

    Finally figured this out myself, posting the solution for anyone else who may need it:

    Go into your phpMyAdmin and search for “administrator” in the wp_usermeta table. This will help you find the user roles row.
    Once you find that role, open it up to edit it.
    Delete all the text that’s currently there and replace it with the code given on this site:
    This will restore all your user roles to default settings.

    So glad to finally have this fixed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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