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[Resolved] Setting Updates Are Not Being Saved

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  • Log out and in again

    I logged out and then logged back in as suggested and still the same issue. I also tried to edit and rename my album name without success.

    Any other suggestions?

    Itr is all done with Ajax. Do other Ajax operations work? Might be a server issue.

    Yes all other functions seem to work fine other than making setting changes and renaming an existing album.

    What server settings could affect this?
    Whould a change in permissions help resolve the issue?

    You do not get error messages?

    No server error message,just a red x in the settings area when I check or uncheck a box.

    I made a patch to wppa-admin-scripts.js

    Please, re-install the plugin (de-activate, delete and re-install from the plugins page).

    Then: go to the Photo Albums -> Settings admin page.
    Press CTRL+F5 to make sure you have the new version of the js file loaded to your pc. (Clearing temp internet files before entering the settings page will do also).

    Change a checkbox ( I made the patch for checkbox change only )

    After you received the red cross, hover over it. It should display a tooltip with one of these messages:

    Error #…, message: …, status: …


    Communication error, status = …

    Please tell me what message you get and what is in place of

    Thanks for addressing this issue.
    The message I received follows:

    error # undefined, message undefined, status: 500

    If this help, when I try to change the album name I get the following message:
    Status undefined (undefined)

    It is an Internal Server error (500). Please contact your hosting provider, and tell him that Ajax ( XMLHttpRequest ) requests generate a 500 error.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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