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  • I am curious as to how i might set up SSL on my dreamhost account that is running WP so i can see my site from school (which blocks ALL dreamhost sites). I don’t need it to be for admin access only as most tutorials are on how to do that, but i want to be able to do set it up so i can just go to my site.. but with the HTTPS for SSL in front. I have looked around an havn’t really found anything too useful.

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  • If your school blocks all sites hosted by dreamhost, I’m not sure that using SSL would change that. I’m guessing it blocks dreamhost using the IP address somehow, and the site would still have a dreamhost IP address. I think you may need a static IP for SSL actually, so that might make it easier for them to block.

    Why do they specifically block dreamhost hosted sites??

    I have no idea… is blocked. My site is blocked, and my friend’s site (also hosted by DH) is blocked. We don’t know why. Our school recently tweaked the firewall system and it is TOTALLY useless now… it blocks EVERYTHING.

    what about just the ip? maybe it is block by keyword or something?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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