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  • How do I set up my blog so only registered visitor’s can post or leave comments and reply’s? Right now I am the only one that can post but the leave comments and reply’s is wide open. I have the Social Login installed but I don’t see anything for a login/register box anywere. The page is at


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  • Steve,
    You’ll find a bunch of settings for comments under settings » discussion, including “Users must be registered and logged in to comment “
    If you want people to be able to post in your blog, you can either manually add users with contribute permissions or under settings » general, “allow anyone to register” and then monitor/approve them.

    Ok on the login/registered settings. I am having brain fart. I forgot how to edit a widget.


    webbrewers The login/register setup is up and running just fine. No more problems with comment spammers. I do have a few questions. How do I add resend password box to the bottom of the registration page, like most web site registrations have in case the email with the with the generic password gets lost or hung up in cyber space. Also how do I change the look of the registration page?

    You’ll only see the resend password link when you’re not logged in. So log out and take a look.
    To customize the registration page, try a plug in called “theme my log in”.

    webbrewers I did log out on the other laptop. Apparently WordPress didn’t like the hyphen in the email address that I choose to use for the test login. I didn’t see the box to resend the password. I choose my Gmail account and the test login worked. Thanks for the info.


    Also just in case (I know it is a real long shot, 1 in 1,000 chance of it happening) What if someone managed to to hack my admin user name and password. Is there some way to setup a back door login for such an emergency. Like in the movie war games.

    It depends if the hacker takes over your WP installation or your hosting account.
    I do recommend creating a “back up” user with admin rights but once in, a hacker will probably disable/change any users you have to lock you out.
    If you still control the hosting account, you can always create a new user and remove others directly in the database. This would be a good question to ask your host.

    I don’t control the hosting. But it would be no problem for the host to do that.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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