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  • Okay, so I’ve done a lot of reading but am getting totally confused by this.

    I have a WordPress site with only two categories.

    Category 1 posts need to be shown on the homepage (if I only had one category, there would be no issue – I understand that much :o).

    However, category 2 posts need to be displayed on another page.

    I’m not looking to do this via a filter system with the category widget where a visitor would have to manually select what category they want to look at. I’m trying to make it so that when a visitor visits my site (via the homepage where they’ll only see category 1 posts) and then clicks on the page called “category 2″…all they’ll see are posts from that category.

    Is this set up possible?

    Would it also be possible to make it so that there’s a direct link to this category 2 page rather than giving them the homepage URL?

    Thank you for any assistance provided.

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  • Hi again,

    I just had a tea break…taking in a breather…and thought about this.

    Can someone confirm if this would work…

    1) Create posts for both my categories.

    2) Visit the homepage that displays all posts.

    3) Using the category filter, only display posts from one category.

    4) Copy the URL from the resulting webpage.

    5) I now have a page and URL that displays only one category.

    If that works, the only question I’m now left with is…I don’t want my visitors seeing the homepage with both categories on display. What do I do about that? I could turn it in to a static page, but don’t actually have any other content (no need for an intro page, for example).

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