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  1. James30000
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi folks,

    I have a bit of an issue I’m hoping someone can help out with.

    At the moment I have a WP Multi-site setup running. The network (right now) consists of THREE websites, and each of these sites is running on a subdomain: domain1.site.com, domain2.site.com, domain3.site.com.

    Right now, the ‘root’ site is domain1.site.com. However, what I need to happen now is have the ROOT site moved to be site.com. I need this so that all admin pages reside on site.com, and so that I can easily create new sites/subdomains using the multi-site setup.

    Any idea how to do this quickly and easily?

    In the end, site.com would be the ROOT, and domain1.site.com, domain2.site.com and domain3.site.com would all be children spun off and controlled by site.com (if that makes any sense!) :)

  2. Three separate websites I hope?

    You could install WP fresh in site.com, set it up as subFOLDER (don't worry, we can change that later), import domain1, domain2 and domain3, as subfolder1, etc.

    THEN turn off the subdomains, flip WP to subdomain via the wp-config.php, and off you go.

    Keep in mind, this is harder if you have a lot of users. Or any users save a couple.

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