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    I recently bought from a fellow WP user. However, he did not export the database correctly. I believe he used phpMyAdmin to export it. What I have now is a .sql file that is the database, and I have no idea how to import that into WP.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been trying to figure this out for quite some time now and couldn’t come up with a solution.


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  • Have you got access to a cpanel?


    What you need to do is execute the SQL (you can use the command line or phpMyAdmin for this). This should recreate all of the tables the blog needs for you.

    To use phpMyAdmin to do this, log in, select the database from the drop down in the left hand sidebar, select the SQL tab when it appears, paste the SQL, and then click Go.

    Check the names of the tables and then edit your wp-config.php to point at these tables by setting $table_prefix.

    I think all that’s left to do then is to run the upgrade script

    Make sure you keep a secure backup of your SQL file just in case.

    Then create a database in cpanel for your blog and add the user to the database…..this is the info you will need for your config file.

    Open your database in phpMyAdmin…should be a link for phpMyAdmin at the bottom of the page where you see your database in Cpanel. Once the database is open, select Import and follow the prompts to import the sql file.


    Oops, yeah for my approach you needed to already have a database created.

    Ok, so I created a new database, and imported the sql file.

    Where do I find wp-config.php?
    And is the upgrade script link supposed to lead me to


    The wp-config.php doesn’t exist. You will save the wp-config-sample.php AS wp-config.php and edit it according to the instructions.

    The second question doesn’t make sense.
    Don’t bother about “upgrade” when you are at the installation phase.

    Ok, looks like I have it up and working.
    Thank you everyone! You’ve been a great help.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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