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  • I am a total newbie to Multisite. I’m not a techie, but know just enough to get me in trouble. I was trying to set up Multisite with FatCow and they totally screwed me up. Dummy me contacted tech support and they installed two new versions of wordpress and managed to wipe out my old website. grrr. I have read/watched numerous tutorials on how to do Multisite, thought I got it right, but when I went to view my sub-domain redirect site, I got a page that wasn’t mine a I googled this and it didn’t look good. Does FatCow supply their own index.html with this dsnextgen? I also parked this domain, read it on one tutorial.

    I have two domains: is where wordpress is installed. I created a new sub domain and thought I pointed that one to The only hangup was with the weird index.html that threw me off.

    I feel like a dunce. Can someone tell me if Otto’s Guide to Multisite will work with FatCow? And what exactly do I ask FatCow? They had no clue with Multisite.


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  • If you’re seeing their default index.html, then it’s not set up right.

    The mapped domain should show (or actually it’ll show you’s page for ‘this site doesn’t exist.’)

    Otto’s directions will work, but the problem is that the mapping takes place before you can do a lot of what he says.

    Try asking Fatcow if they can park the domain mysite2 on top of mysite1

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