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    We have a server in which Wordpess is being used for customer websites and their blogs.

    There is one particular situation we are wondering if we can use the multi-site option.

    There are 60 blogs, all with the same design, different sub-domains, different content, different analytics...and much more. WP Total Cache is already installed in all of them.

    What is the best way of implementing these into a multi-site installation?

    Will this help with server CPU load and memory?

    Thanks for any feedback.

  2. Will this help with server CPU load and memory?

    Not really. 60 separate blogs vs 60 sites on a network is still 60 sites.

    However the how-to is annoying.

    1. Pick the main site (domain.com)
    2. Create a subsite for an existing subdomain, with a similar, but one-char off name. i.e. if you have real.domain.com, make rea1.domain.com
    3. Export from real into rea1
    4. Close real (rename that folder to real.old)
    5. In WP admin -> Network edit the site for rea1 and rename it real with an L ;
    6. Search/replace rea1.domain.com for real.domain.com on the db
    7. Repeat x 59

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