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  • Hi, I’m migrating a wp site with an unusual directory structure. Images are in 2 places: the directory above the root of the weblog itself and the uploads directory.

    image files (all in this directory)

    I also see images here:
    which contains:
    one folder per month, etc
    the same.

    I see that there are recent 2007 images both in the
    /mydomain/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/ and /mydomain


    First thought was they are symbolic links. But actually they are different files. Some images are found in one directory, but not the other.

    Second thought was an image plugin. But no image plugins are active now (though the deactivated plugin WYSI-Wordpress is listed but unused).

    Third thought was that wp includes two different ways of uploading images. But I can’t figure out what they are or where to configure them.

    fourth thought is that thumbnails and main jpgs are in different places. But no, both are located in the same place. blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/
    However, in the
    /mydomain directory, NONE of the images are thumbnails. (That is probably significant).

    I have a feeling that previously the website assets were arranged one way and then they were changed. But no, there are Jan 2007 images in both directories.

    This is a genuine mystery. Do you have any ideas about how to figure this out?

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  • aha, very interesting. I’ve figured why this is happening, but it raises another question.

    The main poster/editor for the site is uploading images via FTP to the directory above the blog. Everybody else is using the wp image upload form. Very interesting.

    He finds it easier to deal with images in a single directory rather than have them all in date-separated directories.

    Is there a way to set one directory than all those miniature image directories?

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