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  • I am using ‘Google Analytics’ plug in to track my website. I added google analytics tracking ID similar to UA-XXXXXXXX-Y to my plug in to track the website. How to I ensure that my website is being tracked properly?
    Also, do I have to implement my tracking code too in my website header?

    <script type=”text/javascript”>(————– ) </script>

    Or just adding tracking ID to the plug in is enough?
    There is also a field for adding tracking ID to ‘All in One Seo’ plug in. Will this cause any problem if I use my tracking ID with two different plug ins(Google Analytics & All In One Seo) at a time?

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  • Come on, anyone help me please! Using google analytics code with 2 plug ins(All in one SEO and Google Analytics). Will there be any problem?

    Dustin Nordquist


    Google recommends placing the tracking code after the <body> tag, but it is commonly just above the </body> tag. If you put it in the header, it won’t work properly.

    If the tracking ID is put in Google Analytics plugin and/or All-in-One SEO plugin, you don’t need to also include it manually because both plugins will include it automatically. However, it is likely the tracking code is included twice. To check for this, view the source code in your browser. See: How-to examples for each browser.

    Also, if your tracking code is included twice on a webpage, Google’s javascript will send duplicate tracking hits to Google Analytics servers. As a result, your metrics will be incorrect. (More info)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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