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    Hello, I have recently setup a local WordPress site on my Mac, and I am attempting to access the site’s files and folders via FTP using FileZilla so that I can make my uploads folder writeable.

    Unfortunately I can’t find whereabouts to setup my local site’s FTP account details (incl. password). I’ve had a look around the site’s phpMyAdmin page, but am none the wiser.

    I’d appreciate if someone could point a WordPress novice in the right direction.

    Thank you.

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  • If I’m understanding your question, when FileZilla opens, click File, Site Manager,New Site and enter the correct details for what you want.

    Good luck

    Thank you for your feedback, Dave, much appreciated.

    I’ve entered my local site details and can see the files on the left-hand side of FileZilla. Nothing appears on the right-hand side of the screen (Remote Site section).

    On the ‘Local Site’ side of the FileZilla, if I try and right-click the ‘uploads’ folder I’ve created under ‘wp-content’ I can’t see any options to change the folder permissions and make it writeable. In all of the online demos I’ve seen they seem to be permissioning the folders on the right-hand side of FileZilla.

    Should I be able to permission the folders on the Local site section of the screen?

    Also, when I try and install plugins via the cPanel I am also prompted to enter the FTP username and password, but nothing seems to work.

    Best wishes

    Before I say anything else, let me say that I do not develop locally and then FTP to my host. I edit live and only FTP when I am ending an image.

    Having said that, I would think that you need to correctly set up the folders on your host’s end using FTP; at least that is the way I did it and it works fine. The one thing I found that I couldn’t do while connected via FTP was to move something from my local system to my host. I the item didn’t already exist on my system, I simply download it from my host to my local system, change to the correct remote folder and then FTP it back up.

    Some folks might not agree with the way I do my work, but it works for me.

    Permissions sound like an issue you need to discuss with your host.

    Good luck

    Oh, I install plugins from within the WordPress dashboard.

    Ahhhh local development. I don’t use a mac for development, but would this article help?

    Thanks for the feedback, Andrew and Dave.

    The URL blog page covers the older versions of Mac operating systems, but unfortunately on OS X (10.8.2) the File Sharing Options screen no longer has a reference to FTP.

    If I’m not able to resolve this then I might go ahead and sign up to a host and edit on the live host (and get them to confirm FTP username and password).

    You can get a shared hosting setup at someplace like hostgator for less than fifteen bucks a month w/full cpanel access.

    Thanks, Andrew — I’ll check them out!

    To add to what Andrew says, I have my hosting account and my site with HostGator. Support is outstanding and ALWAYS available.

    If you’re still looking to enable FTP locally, you may want to check out this link on TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog).

    How To Enable The FTP Server In Lion

    They reference a couple of tools for enabling/managing that FTP setting. For convenience, I will link the tool that I use and have found to be very handy for other things in OSX as well.


    to get updates and plugin installation working from within the WordPress dashboard in MAMP Pro, you not only need to know your FTP login, you need to set up the Mamp MySql user to match your FTP user per this post:

    I spent hours scouring the internet and always ended up giving up and installing upgrades and plugins manually until I found that post

    Even easier solution.

    1. Select the Hosts interface in MAMP.
    2. Choose the host and then look at the interface marked “Disk Location”.
    3. Select the button “Permissions…”
    4. Change the Owner and Group to _www.
    5. Select the “Set” button and wait for the update to complete. Takes a while depending on the number of files that will be updated.

    6. DONE

    Your MAMP installation will not allow you to update WP and Plug-ins.

    Thank you steve.eldridge! That’s the easiest solution and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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