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  • Hello,
    I have hosted site at the domain

    I would like to buy a new domain, and have that set up as a WordPress blog also, but have the domain point to a page on the site, so that both blogs are found there.
    Right now I have an About page and a Blog page on My goal is to keep the About page, and change the Blog page to “Kaitlyn’s Blog” and add a page called “Gavin’s Blog”. Ideally, I’d like to have Kaitlyn’s blog and Gavin’s blog have separate domains. But I suppose they could all be the same domain and then I could buy new domains and just redirect?

    I have read the WP instructions to set up a multisite and I’m unclear if this is the right option and have no idea how to get it set up.

    I want all the sites top use the same theme and plugins too.


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    deally, I’d like to have Kaitlyn’s blog and Gavin’s blog have separate domains.

    You can do that with Multisite.

    Turn into Multisite.

    Make a SECOND site for Gavin’s Blog (NOT a page, a whole site)

    Use a domain mapping plugin to map the second domain (the one for Gavin’s Blog) to the site you made for Gavin’s blog.

    Have beer 🙂

    You’ll have to manually configure Gavin’s blog to use the same theme etc, but you can do it.

    Alternately, make a Custom Post-Type for Gavin’s blog and use that instead.

    Thanks, but I’m still confused. I want to create a domain, say “” and have that be a blog site that opens on a page on the “” site. I don’t actually want it to be a completely separate blog, as I want it to live on the “” site.

    Alternatively, I am open to not having a unique domain, but rather having “” and “”, so long as they both open as separate pages under the “” main site.

    Probably the later is the easier method, but I don’t know hwo to set it up this way. Thanks!

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    Well then just make them pages and point a domain via normal DNS.

    If you don’t want Multisite, don’t use it. You don’t have to.

    Thanks, and sorry for the ignorance. But if I don’t use multisite, how do I get 2 blogs onto one domain? Let’s forget about the new domains for a minute. How to I get my existing WordPress installation to support 2 blog pages?

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    Do you want two full blogs? Two separate admin areas where you can customize each site to be it’s own design?

    Or do you just want to organize two separate post ‘types’?

    Nope, I want the same admin, same design/theme, same plugins, everything. I just want the second blog to live within one of my page tabs and I will assign it a different author when adding posts. I don’t want it to be a separate blog site.

    I tried setting up Multisite last night. When I went to click install, it told me to remove the www from my url. Also that because my install is not new, the sites in my WordPress network must be sub-domains. (I wanted to use sub directories). And then it goes on to say “The main site in a sub-directory install will need to use a modified permalink structure, potentially breaking existing links.” I have no idea what that means.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Okay? Be calm, you can STILL use SubDirectories.

    Now. Read

    All of it. Yes, I know it’s long. But read it slowly, don’t just skim. If you want subFOLDERs on multisite, then your MAIN install will use the URLs of for it’s posts.

    What you need do to is sit down and draw out the ‘structure’ of what yuo want. What do you want your URLs to be? Right now you say ‘a page’, and while that’s the wrong term, don’t worry about it right now. What are your requirements? What should all your URLs look like?

    Single WordPress defaults to for my posts

    I want and

    If I use Multisite, I would need to make THREE sites: the main site at (which would use and then sites for brad and angela.

    However, that means I have to go to and to make my posts. I don’t want that, so I should look at custom post-types instead, and make a ‘brad’ and an ‘angela’ post type, for the same effect.

    On the other hand, I want to use for all my posts. That is best done with Multisite, which would let me use for posting.

    Does that help you understand the differences here?

    Ok, I want to have a website at

    Right now, my site is a single install, and my post structure is “”.

    I want to have two blogs running on this site. If possible, I want one under the structure “” and the other to be “”.

    Page, Subfolder, subdirectory….sorry, I am not that technical so I don’t know all the lingo. I just know how I want it to look.

    I want both blogs to have the same theme and design as “”. I want the plugins to be the same.

    I’m not opposed to having multiple login names, but for simplicity sake (since I am the one posting under Kaitlyn and Gavin), I would like to have one login. I would like to create the post and if need be, select the Author for the post to either Kaitlyn or Gavin, or however WordPress makes me set this up.

    I don’t have any advanced WordPress training so a lot of that is greek to me. And My hosting company installed teh site for me, so I don’t know how it was set up or anything.

    🙁 Frustrated.

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    There isn’t really dead simple way to do this. All the solutions I have require a little bit of technicaly savvy except one.

    That’s called just using categories.

    That is, make yourself a kaitlyn and a gavin category, and use /blogs/%category%/%year%/%month%/%day%/%postname%/ for your permalinks.

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