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  • Hello,

    We are planning on using wordpress for an internal community. With all development projects, we have a standard development, QA, production environments.

    All development work is done by developers in their sandbox, then comitted to source control, which is then tested in our QA environment. After all testing is completed, we move it to production.

    How is this being done in the development of WordPress? I am assuming the wordpress development team works off a similar flow of development. I know of a few spots where domains need to be updated in the database, etc but looking to get an idea of how the Word Press team does it.


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  • I don’t really understand this question at all. Is it about what you need to do? Just get the darn thing installed and quit futzing. 🙂

    For internal development just pick up the current release, import it into your version control system and develop as you are used to.

    If you want to stay compatible with coming releases think about how you will handle changes to core files, or decide to change only themes and plugins.

    If you want to be a part of the official WordPress development perhaps the page Using Subversion is a useful starting point.

    Root; If you don’t understand why post a comment like that? Clearly you don’t understand a proper development cycle.

    Kwebble; Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but thanks.

    If anybody is using wordpress as a base for their project and is deploying the code in a standard dev/qa/production environment please let me know!


    Well my comment was an invitation for you to provide greater clarity. I still do not understand it. It is so ambiguous. I am really glad I did not inadvertently provide any information your company might have found useful.

    My guess is that you’ll just have to set it up on three different servers and then build a list of files to publish up from dev. If you only have one server, which is probably the case, set up sub-domains for each environment. Each sub-domain simply being a different folder in the root. Hope this helps!

    Here is how I do it, developing a fairly large site for a online magazine using WordPress MU. I would love some feedback on this.

    The basic setup is fairly simple, we have a sandbox on the same server where all development is done.

    For all changes to the WordPress Admin GUI we develop plugins and for all development of the site it self we us themes, making new ones for each major release. So upgrading the main production server with the latest version simply involves upgrading the theme files and reinstalling plugins as needed.

    This works fairly well for us, what would make it even better is if we could somehow share the content (posts, pages , users etc) between the two installations while keeping the configuration separated.

    Can that be done?



    I am curious about this as well. Any ideas?



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    Support forum for WordPress MU is at
    Best way to search the WPMU forum is at
    Good luck.

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