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    I am trying to setup a child theme for this theme, but i am getting an error

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.
    Name Description
    church child The “church” theme is not a valid parent theme.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hello! Could you please share the contents of your child theme’s style.css file?

    this has been copied from another working css style sheet of another child theme i setup

    Theme Name: church child
    Theme URI:
    Description: Church Child Theme
    Author: Jonathan Aquilina
    Author URI:
    Template: church
    Version: 1.0.0

    @import url(“../church/style.css”);

    /* =Theme customization starts here
    ————————————————————– */


    I have installed the Church theme to one of my test sites. It looks like the theme is already a child theme, it says in it’s style.css, and when you install it, you get the omega theme also, which is the parent. As far as I know, you cannot create a child theme for a child theme, so that is the problem. I could not find any usable solutions to your situation, so I have just this idea that may help you somewhat. You can create your child theme for Omega, and copy the contents of the style.css and other files to your child theme if they were your modifications, and your code to that.

    Toth Balint BT

    Shouldnt that have in the name child? whats confusing me is that it is only called church. there is no parent theme what so ever installed.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    What is your Child Theme’s folder name?


    This theme was installed automatically through the themes section within the backend of wordpress

    In the church theme’s style.css it says Template: omega on line 12, this is why it is a child theme. The [parent]-child is just a naming convention, WordPress does not needs the parent theme’s name to be present in the child’s name to work.

    What happens to modifications of said child theme when parent is updated

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Nothing happens.

    To make sure im understanding this right. The developer of this theme hosts the parent and makes the modifications and we connect to a remote server to inherit from the parent theme?

    Ok, it looks like we have overcomplicated this, so I apologize for this.

    The answer for your question: no. Everything is on your server. We are downloading the files from a remote server when we install a theme, but from that point on, the files are completely on our server. However, as for plugins, themes also get updates occasionally, and when that happens, WordPress notifies us, and the updates can be downloaded and installed automatically by WordPress, we just have to click a button. And this is a good thing.
    Whenever you update your theme, WordPress deletes all the files in your theme’s folder, and downloads the new version’s files from the central WordPress server. And there lies our problem, because WordPress has absolutely no way of distinguishing our modifications to the theme from the original files, and it deletes everything on update. This is why people use child themes, so you update the parent theme, but everything you have modified, stays intact. Now here the problem is, that the designer who created the Church theme, has also done this, he also created a child theme for a theme called omega. And he named his child theme Church. So basically when you have downloaded the theme, you have downloaded it together with the theme omega. So Church is a child theme, and you cannot create a child theme for a child theme.
    So I am not 100% sure about this, but because the Church theme is in the WordPress central theme database (meaning you can find it if you search for it in WordPress Dashboard->Appearance->Themes->Add New Theme), it will get updates eventually from the designer. And when you update, you would loose any modifications you have made to it.
    Considering this, I only see one option. Because the Church theme is already a child theme, you don’t have to create an other child theme, use it like THAT is the child theme, add modifications, and so on. Of course, the style.css file is not empty, so just add your code to the end of the file.
    The most important thing is to never update the Church theme, if you get a notification that it has updates. This way, you can make sure that the modifications you make to the Church theme won’t get overwritten.

    I hope this makes sense, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Toth Balint BT

    I understand how they work, but I have never had a theme automatically from the free themes that one can search for have it automatically install a child theme.

    The strange thing is the name of the parent theme isnt called church but omega O_o the naming conventions used with this theme arent correct imho

    Thank for all your help and the clarification 🙂

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