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  • Hello

    I’m trying to organise a ‘mixed’ site that has:
    (a)regular blog enteries organised by Categories as per usual;
    (b)seperate ‘Journal’ section which holds collections of articles, eg. Issue 1 with 4 articles etc.

    What’s the best way to set this up?
    (i) use Categories for both Blog & Journal everything with different templating
    (ii) use Pages for the Journal and sub-pages for Issues. Would it be possible to automate new Issues showing up on the blog, eg. in the sidebar, or a dedicated contents page.

    I’ve managed to start doing both Blog & Journal via templating with Categories only, but a it’s bit clunky.
    So now thinking about using Pages for the Journal element, but they appear to be more limited in terms of dynamic displaying, compared with Categories.

    If anyone has worked on a similar scenario, any advice or pointers would be appreciated.


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