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  • I’m using the Blog Subscription (Jetpack) widget to allow people to subscribe to my blog via email. I’d like to know if there’s a way to suppress the email notification for one post only. I still want that post to be public and searchable through the the various search engines, I just don’t want the email to go out to my subscribers. It’s a one-off thing.

    I think I could accomplish this by disabling Jetpack prior to publishing, but I would prefer not to. The last time I disabled Jetpack (troubleshooting) I had to email the support team to have them restore my subscribers as well as my stats.

    I’m wondering if I publish the post as private then edit the setting to public after its been published, what will happen. Would the change trigger the email?

    Are there any other options for suppressing an email to blog subscribers (Jetpack) for just a single post?

    Thanks very much

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