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  • When I go to set the parent category of a new category in 2.1, the drop-down list of categories comes up in ID order rather than alphabetical order.

    i.e. I add a new category as I’m writing a post, then I want to fit it into the hierarchy.

    from the Manage>Categories screen I find the new category in the list and hit ‘Edit’.

    That leads me to a drop-down menu with all my categories; in 2.0.x they were in alphabetical order, now they’re in ID order. It makes it imposible to find anything, because I have a *lot* of categories.

    Any suggestions? Is this a bug that needs fixing or have I got a problem?

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  • If anyone’s interested, after diggin around in the code I worked out that I could fix this by editing wp-admin/edit-category-form.php

    Line 38 starts:

    <?php wp_dropdown_categories(‘hide_empty=0&name=category_parent& […]

    which I changed to

    <?php wp_dropdown_categories(‘orderby=name&hide_empty=0&name=category_parent& […]

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