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  • I am looking for a way to change the order of the pages — not Pages, but the /page/1/, /page/2/, etc. accessed by the “Previous Entries” and “Next Entries” links.

    Basically, I’m looking for the oldest posts to be on /page/1/, and the next-oldest posts to be on /page/2/ so that the posts stay on the same page, unless I happen to change the number of posts per page. Of course, I would still want the home page to grab the most recent posts to display like the normal installation does.

    I’d be surprised if no one has written a plugin for this yet, but I haven’t found anything thus far.

    If I have confused everyone, take a look at this WordPress trac ticket that requests basically the same functionality.

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  • If I’m understanding you correctly, this functionality is not yet in WordPress. As it stands right now (and as with many other blogging systems/softwares/services), the newest will always be listed first, moving gradually down the line to the oldest posts.

    I don’t know how the rest of your site is setup, but if you’d like your oldest posts to show first, you can use a plugin like Custom Query String to display your posts in order by date from oldest to newest.

    I use this on one of my hobby sites to alphabetize my archives! It’s a great plugin, but you may have to reset it from time to time after big WP upgrades.

    I know exactly what you mean, Novac, and I’m trying to find a solution to this as well, if you haven’t yet though considering it’s been over half a years since this post. I am surprised WordPress shifts old posts onto and incremented page number making it completely dynamic so for example if you direct someone to page 40 today to tell them to “check out the second post on that page”, in a week of some blogging all the posts on page 40 will be newer ones and the infamous second post is no longer there in it’s place.
    I’m also surprised people are having such a hard time understanding this book-sort-of-logic to page orders vs older/newer material.

    It can’t be put more simply:
    – page/1/ needs to list oldest posts in blog
    – page/2/ (and up) needs to list newer posts in blog
    – front page show the highest page number, for example page/4/ if there’s 40 posts so far with a 10 posts per page limit
    – clicking the “previous entries” link on the front page brings you to page/3/, then page/2/ etc.


    anyone has an idea how to do that? ozukaki describes the problem pretty well

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