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  • Edit: Forgot to note that I’m using MarketPress Lite.


    I’ve got a strange problem that just started occurring. After setting the featured image for a product, the header image changes to that featured image. Please take a look at the “Calico” and “Calico (Special Edition)” pages at

    Looks like it changes to whatever the featured image is set to for that product page.

    Compare that to the “One Man Wolf Pack” page. This page was created a couple weeks ago and doesn’t have this problem.

    I’ve tried turning off all other plugins but it still occurs. The theme is the default “Twenty Ten” theme and I’m setting the header within Appearance > Header.

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  • Hi prova_toets,

    I’ll have to get this confirmed but it looks like that’s actually a feature of Twenty Ten, given the following thread:

    I’ve never known of that feature myself. My guess is that the One Man Wolf Pack featured image doesn’t meet the requirements for it to replace the header image?

    Ah, thanks for finding out about that. The One Man Wolf Pack featured image is 800×523 so it definitely doesn’t fall within the required size limit.

    Do you have a suggestion for how I can fix this? Maybe as simple as commenting out some code?



    If anyone is familiar with market press was wondering if you can help me out or point me in the right direction…I need to categorize my products into groups like my Store page ex.
    -Section or page for:
    Feather earrings
    Feather extension
    Feather Headbands

    And…create linkables to each whether it be going to that page or a section on that page.

    And or sort them my types, like all the feather earrings in together and feather extensions together…
    I really like the set up of Market press so I want to keep the product set up if possible instead of going to a new page and inputing all the $, sales, etc manually-which takes forever. So I really want to just expand my product page within the Marketpress plugin. Any help will be useful.

    Or a heading to separate each category

    here’s my website:
    Thanks a ton!!!

    It’s not a Twenty Ten thing. I’m using Twenty Eleven and it’s inconsistently putting the featured image in the header, then not putting it in the header.

    I’m still not finding any rhyme or reason to it.

    You’re just going to LOVE what I found as a solution…

    I was using a LARGE image for the Product / Featured Image, dimensions of 2508 x 1568. Then I tried a smaller version of the very same image, dimensions of 627 x 392.

    It fixed the problem.

    Swapped back and forth to make sure I hadn’t gone completely mad. I can replicate it at will.

    I don’t understand WHY, but I know how to get around it. Just use a smaller image for the product / featured image.

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