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  • Hello. Can you please tell me where to set the distance the background moves with each slide? I found a variable called $bgincrement in the files wp-parallax-slider.php and query.cslider.js, but I can’t seem to configure them properly.

    Here’s some background info: I am using static slides, and trying to get a different color background with each slide. I was successful a few months ago in tricking the plugin into doing this by having a really long background image with 4 different 1024px-wide color areas (one for each slide) and 915px-wide gradients in between.

    I can’t remember how I did it, but I configured it so they background shifted 1939px (1024+195) with each changing slide. Now I am trying to introduce a fifth slide/background color, and my web developer tools say that the background is shifting -1939px each time, but nothing is aligning correctly. Here is the website:

    Any advice you can offer for how to shift the background a precise number of pixels will be very helpful. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author wp-maverick


    I’ve just take a look at your site (which I already know) and all seems to work properly.
    Are you still facing your problem?

    BTW, your slider is one of the most impressive customization I’ve seen for my plugin and I’m very pleased to see that some users like it!!!

    Hello, thanks for getting back to me. I am definitely a user who likes your plugin! I’m not sure what happened, because when I initially set it up, I had it working perfectly. Now I must have forgotten how to work it.

    I apologize because I did not explain it completely: For each slide, the background should be a solid color (with the gradients in between):

    It seems to be working for the first couple of slides, but by the time the third slide comes up, there is a noticeable gradient between two colors:

    Is there a place to enter the exact pixel shift for the background image? Or is it some kind of %-based thing?

    One more thing: Just out of curiosity, how did you come to know of the QFD website?

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author wp-maverick


    Does it mean that you use a big background image with all gradients?

    Yes, sorry I didn’t explain that very well either. This is basically what the background layer looks like:

    So how is the shift of the background layer specified?

    Plugin Author wp-maverick


    Hi, nothing to say more that the plugin uses the “Number of pixels for background increment” field to manage how the background slides… There is a miscalculation somewhere I think.

    Hi there. I finally figured out how to fix the problem with my slider not aligning correctly.

    It was not a miscalculation… I noticed that it was operating correctly in Firefox, but incorrectly in Webkit browsers. There must be some kind of problem in the Webkit-specific animations.

    However the solution was not in the -webkit references in the CSS, it was in the jquery.cslider.js file. I hid the lines at 235-243:

    this.$el.on( ‘webkitAnimationEnd.cslider animationend.cslider OAnimationEnd.cslider’, function( event ) {

    if( event.originalEvent.animationName === ‘toRightAnim4’ || event.originalEvent.animationName === ‘toLeftAnim4’ ) {

    _self.isAnimating = false;



    … and just below that:

    this.$el.on( ‘webkitTransitionEnd.cslider transitionend.cslider OTransitionEnd.cslider’, function( event ) {

    if( === _self.$el.attr( ‘id’ ) )
    _self.isAnimating = false;


    …and that seems to have fixed the problem! It is now operating just like the Firefox version (with distance being what I specified instead of some other random distance.

    FYI, I am using version 0.9.2 and the most recent versions of Safari and Chrome. This may be a bug you have corrected in subsequent versions, but in case not, this is what I have found.

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