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  • Is it possible to set a default path name for images, so that each time I click on the “insert/edit image” button (control +m), that path will appear and I only need to enter the file name? This would save me a lot of work…

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  • Are you talking about the quicktags in the “normal” Write panel?
    (normal = no wysiwyg animal)

    If yes, then you can edit the wp-includes/quicktags.js file.

    Thanks for answering. No, I’m talking about adding images to a post. At the top of the Write panel, there is a little icon to add an image. You then insert URL of the image that you want to appear there. I upload images to my site using a separate FTP. I make dozens of posts each day with images, so it would be much easier to simply paste in the file name and have a default path already set up. The default path, in my case, would be

    If you are using the wysiwyg animal (aka rich text editor, aka tinymce aka Visual editor) – I can’t help. I have no idea how that thing works. Maybe some others who are familiar with that editor will be able to help.

    (I know you are talking about inserting/adding images to a post)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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