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  • I’m trying to set the deafult folder but whatever I enter into the required field I always get:
    “Unable to read or locate the folder XXX check the path and folder permissions”

    I’ve tryed including an absolute full path: wich has permissions set to 755.
    I also tryed a relative paths like /~dafonso/dc/audios and /dc/audios and /audios

    None work. A simmilar questions was posed here but it didn’t seem to work for me.

    Also related, I supose, is the fact that [mp3-jplayer tracks="XXX.mp3"] does not load from the library requiring a full absolute path but [mp3j track="XXX.mp3"] does load the file.

    Any tips on this?
    In running mp3 JPlayer 1.8.4 and WP3.5.1

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