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  • Hi,

    Can someone tell me how to set the standard body text just for my posts/articles?

    I realise there is an overall body text set for the site, and I am happy with the body text on the rest of the site, but the standard text in my posts needs to be a bit bigger/readable.

    I am unsure how to do this, or if it can be done.

    Any help gratefully received!

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  • You will get better results if you post a URL of a page that needs the body text post/article size increased. There is not a generic answer for this. It requires adjusting the stylesheet.

    My site is only available to admin/logged in at the moment – I guess my style sheet is way too long to paste here?

    Would someone be willing to look at the css file if I sent it to them? I would appreciate any assistance..


    but your css won’t necessarily be enough. we need to see your source code to see where the ID and classes are used in the layout. Just seeing your css we can only guess.

    you could also include your index.php that would help some

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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