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  • I’m stuck on this code. I’m trying to modify the loop on ‘Historias’ archives ( post type ) to display only pets with pet_owner_id from the current user logged-in

    I’ve tried putting this code on my plugin, but it’s doesn’t work, dumping ‘$query’ displays meta_query as false


    add_filter('parse_query', 'mr_query_filter_by_petowner');
    function mr_query_filter_by_petowner(  $query  )
    	global $pagenow, $post_type;
           if (!is_admin() && is_archive() && ('historias' == $post_type) )
    				set_query_var( 'meta_query', array( array( 'key' => 'pet_owner_id', 'value' => '1' ) ) );
    				$query->set( 'meta_key', 'pet_owner_id' );
    				$query->set( 'meta_value', '1' );
    			return $query;

    but when I do this on my archive-historias.php file before the ‘Loop’

    $a = array(
    							'meta_query' => array(
    														'key' => 'pet_owner_id',
    														'value' => '2',
    														'compare' => '='
    		global $wp_query;
    		$args = array_merge( $wp_query->query, $a );
    		query_posts($args );

    it works fine, what is wrong with my code? any bug or it’s me?
    I don’t want to break my code on my template to keep everything clean

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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