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  • When running WordPress on PHP5, I receive a bunch of warnings at the top of every page regarding set_magic_quotes_runtime() and ‘assign by reference’ being deprecated in PHP5. All of these warnings come from wp-settings.php (lines 18, 646, 654, 661, 668, 675, and 711).

    The fix is pretty simple, I comment out line 18 (which is the call to set_magic_quotes_runtime) – and I change all “=&” to just “=” for remaining lines, and everything works great.

    Any chance WordPress can adopt a similar change (although, likely conditional based on the PHP version)?

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  • I’m also looking forward to an upgrade of WordPress. The current version ( 3.0.1 ) containes deprecated warnings in file ‘wp-settings.php’ on PHP 5.3.

    The suggestions posted by shaunco I’ve made them in de settings file. But when creating a new WordPress site I don’t wanna forget this, so WordPress do have already a new version to fix this?

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