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  • Resolved baalart


    Hello there!
    The setting to set a page to be displayed as 404 page works just fine.
    But I have a portfolio-website with my latest posts as my main-page. Is there a way to set not a page, but just the main-domain to be displayed as 404 page?


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  • Plugin Author Peter Raschendorfer


    That is not possible and I honestly do not think that makes sense either. If an error 404 occurs, you should inform the visitor that an error has happened and not just show him the blog index without further information.

    There’s a block in Gutenberg Editor to show the last posts on a page. I recommend you create your own 404 page and use this block.

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    I think it makes sense for an portfolio-website. Now and then i change my posts, add new, delete old.. if someone bookmarked an post, that i gonna delete, they shouldn´t see an 404-error-page if they come back. I think in this case it´s nicer to redirect to the main-page.
    Or do I overlook something bad here?

    But yes, it´s not possible with your plugin, I found another one.

    Plugin Author Peter Raschendorfer


    Thanks for your feedback. In my opinion it does not make sense to delete posts. But I don’t know your exact needs.

    If you delete a page and create a new one you should redirect the old URL to the new one. There are several plugins to do so.

    In all other cases a 404 error should show a 404 error page.

    That’s also essential for search engines. Error 404 tells Google & Co, that the URL does no longer exist and should be removed from the search index.

    Marked as resolved.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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