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    So I tried setting up weight based shipping rates under the Weight Based Shipping plugin. This worked, except I need to set up some rates based on zip code, and the only way I see to do that is under the shipping zones tab. So I removed the rates under weight based shipping and added them all under zones instead. This set up nicely enough, but when I test it in my cart, it says, “There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.” The zones are set up the same way, and I quadruple checked to make sure it’s all set up properly.

    What in the world am I missing?

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  • I’m seeing a similar issue – although in my case I get the “no shipping methods available” when the rules are globals aswell as attached to shipping zones.

    They only work if I enable another shipping method to use alongside them, like flat rate shipping. Then they are selectable, and I can remove the flat rate shipping and they work for a while, then stop working again. Stumped.

    Scratch my last – my weight rules were conflicting and my odd results were me fiddling with local rules while globals were set.

    I got mine working by disabling all global rules, setting up one shipping zone and attaching weight based shipping rules to that. Start with one that will match everything to make sure they display, then work up from there. Make sure that the weights you use in the “above” and “below” boxes don’t conflict with other rules – so don’t have Below or equal to 10 in one rule, and above or equal to 10 in another rule (I believe the plugin will work with this and just give you the option on the cart page, but this made it easier for me to find a problem rule). Make sure all your products have a weight set.

    I went through it like this, re-added my rules and it’s working now. If you make incremental changes you should be able to see where the problem lies.

    Hope that helps.

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    @alancolyer, thank you for the update. Yes, setting things up incrementally is always a good way to debug anything.

    @zlows, the no-shipping-methods message means what it says: there are no rules matching an order.

    A couple of things to note which might be helpful to get a right direction investigating the issue:
    1. Shipping Zones are not controlled by Weight Based Shipping. They are built in WooCommerce.
    2. Both WooCommerce and Weight Based Shipping have many active installations. That means you have to be very lucky to find a bug in it.

    Give that, most likely you have a misconfiguration issue. To check whether it’s related to WooCommerce or Weight Based Shipping do a simple test. Add some built-in shipping method, e.g. Flat Rate, to a shipping zone you are currently testing. If it works, you have an issue with WBS configuration. Let me know if that’s the case and we’ll proceed. If it doesn’t, you have an issue with WooCommerce configuration. In that case, you can contact their support area for a faster resolution.

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