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  • After downloading shopping card plugin, the only change on my site was a Product Page with sub pages “transaction results”, “check out” and “your account” How do I get buttons, tax information etc on the pages. I also tried downloading paypal button, but was unsuccessful.Secondly I purchased two plugins for cart GoldCart & Grid Module, and Product Slider. Link in confirmation demail did not work. Tried 3 times, but each timeI tried the new links sent to me by auto geneated emails, they did not work. My site is I would greatly appreciate some help. I am at a standstill.

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    you should ask questions about your passwords there, nobody here can help you with that.

    do you have any products set up? You need to set up all the information in your admin area, in the shopping cart area.

    Once you have everything set up there, and you have products added to your shop, all the buttons and stuff appear.

    Also, you need to add things to your page somewhere….such as the shopping cart, etc.

    The easiest way to do that is with widgets. When you added the plugin it installed widgets you can put in your sidebar

    I did contact the instinct site. Three emails. No response. Their office is Newzealand.
    In regards to products my plan was Doba dropp shipping site. I thought I needed to wait to see if product pages works. I will follow your advice. Ican see how probably everything will fit in place after having products on site.
    Also on my widget pages. There are two sets available and inactive. When I follow the intructions to drag available widgets to the sidebar at the right all the other widgets disappear on my site.
    In regards to adding thing to pages, such as shopping cart, I thought that was the reason for the plug in.Would you mind checking my site out to see the page set up and widgets that are presetly there? Uable to get icons, oly links.
    Thank you so much for your help.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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