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  • I took a stab at doing my own blog (with the help of my assistant who did all the coding) & for the most part am happy. However, I am having some issues that I can’t seem to figure out how to fix:

    1. When I enter a post & upload a picture, it keeps putting it in twice with code that is visible. I have to delete the extra picture and code but wasn’t sure why this keeps happening. Plus, by deleting the code (which has the photo tag in it) am I doing a no-no for SEO? I can also not add anything once my blog has been published. I can delete..but not add (like change colors, add an extra line break, enter a link, etc). Is this normal?

    2. At the top of my blog, there is an extra white line across the top. I know my assistant stretched the original theme width & I believe the original is behind the one that is displaying. How do I remove this?

    3. When we stretched out the page width from the original theme, the colored background of the right side bar now does not go all the way down. How do I fix this?

    4. I have looked and looked for a way for only a summary of each post to appear & then the user has to click into it to view the entire post. I have not been able to find where to do this in my WordPress “back office.” Does anyone know how to do this?

    5. I haven’t had anyone comment since I’ve started and am not sure if it is because it isn’t being syndicated out properly. I use Feedburner so I thought I was good, but why doesn’t anyone comment (I am not moderating comments either)? Is this normal?

    6. Can you take a look at my blog “PhoenixHousingPulse” and give me feedback on what to do or not to do. I am committed to making this be a great blog, but don’t know what else I could do to improve on it. Any feedback is much appreciated.

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  • Still need help…anyone out there who can answer any of my questions? P-L-E-A-S-E!!!! Just wanted to bump my post.

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