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  • Hi. I’m currently trying to achieve the following:

    1-Have a self-hosted WordPress site with a customized theme.
    2-Have it working with the same theme and contents, but in two languages (English and Spanish).
    3-Have the user redirected to the appropriate language according to his/hers browser settings. They should however be able to switch from one language to the other.

    So far, I’ve been able to enable multisite network on WP based on the instructions posted here:, and here:

    *It was not a completely fresh install, since I already had a theme and child-theme installed but with no content except for custom CSS and menu.

    I also installed the Multisite Language Switcher plugin but I have no idea where to go from here.

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  • You can try WPML.ORG is a premium plugin that does everything in a simple way. I have tryed and it works pretty good.

    Best luck

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    WPML has given me the best results as well, definitely recommend it.

    Thanks for the advise. I’ve heard many good things about WPML and it’s not that expensive either. However, I’ve also seen some concerns about this and I quote:

    “I want to have all languages (including the default one) in a subdirectory and this is not supported by WPML. The workaround provided in the forum is a little bit too “hacky” (you never know which problems you’ll get with such hacks later on).”

    “it is unhandy that WPML does not allow to have tags and categories with the same names and slugs for different languages. If different languages are placed in a subdirectory (or even subdomain), there is no need to have cross-language unique names and slugs.”

    “there is a bug in WPML where posts are losing the translation relation to each other. No explanation or solution was provided therefore till now.”

    “Having used WordPress Multilingual Plug-in (WPML) for a site I would never use this option again. Although it may make it easier only having to administer one WordPress install I have found this plugin very buggy and hard to implement into my templates. It makes using some other plugins very hard and clients find it quite difficult to get their heads around how to use it especially if you rely on posts being added to multiple categories that need to translated. Save yourself time and hassle and do a multi site install or separate installs for each language.”

    That’s why I was looking for an alternative.

    to improve your study and analysis, see this post

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