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    I recently installed the plug in instagram for wordpress and I am having problems to link it up with my wordpress. I have no experience and knowledge in designing a website/blog but I have designed my own and this is the last thing I need doing. Can you help?
    I have the userID and token code but am struggling. i’ll look forward to hearing from you, thanks

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  • I set the permissions to 777 and it still appears that message.

    Isn’t it better to just login with Instagram account, allow access and that’s it?

    i am still having issues.

    i still get {“code”: 400, “error_type”: “OAuthException”, “error_message”: “Invalid Client ID”}

    I tried to figure out what the other threads have done, but couldn’t figure it out

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    That URL is only supposed to be accessed after you fill in the correct client_id and client_secret into the widget configuration. It will give an error if you just access it like that.

    When it says Invalid Client ID, it means the client_id is not properly configured in the instagram client management console. Did you follow instructions on how to make it? Make sure there are no spaces around the values you enter.

    I think I didn’t work out the instructions well enough, ill fix them tonight to be more detailed.

    The instructions are pretty clear. I followed them to the letter(no spaces) and it still does not work. Hope you can fix this.

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    I have created a new version that has increased error reporting when invalid client_id and client_secret values are entered. Could you see how this works for you?

    That’s the error that appears to me after updating the plugin:

    An error occured


    Please make sure you entered the right client details

    Nope, still not working. 🙁

    Anyone have any ideas on this?

    I have sorted out the client id and client secret.
    I now don’t get an error, but i still don’t get any instagram on my website any ideas?

    Isn’t it easier to use login and password?

    I cant get the client_ secret code from Instagram, the instructions which is listed in the pop-up window is not valid.

    There’s the button which says “manage clients” but then there’s nothing which sayas “Register a New Clien” the page only gives you this option (Interested in trying out the Instagram API?) which is for instagram developers and too much complications!

    So as I see the best solution is to uninstall the plugin and find another one? No solution given?

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    You’ll need to make sure that your browser is not blocking the authentication popup from Instagram once you have saved your client ID and client secret in the widget settings.

    Once you have clicked save a window will open asking you to authenticate your website.

    As for creating your instagram client please visit this page:

    In the top right hand corner will be a button that you can click on to register your client.

    Unfortunately due to the popularity of this plugin you have to sign up for your own instagram API client in order to use it correctly. Please follow the instructions in the popup regarding the settings you need to enter into the registration form.

    Now it works! thank you jbenders for solving the problem 🙂 And sorry if I was arrogant

    jbenders, I did the Instagram API and got the ID and the secret …entered all the info as per the pop up in my widget registration but still the widget didnt appear at all on the blog.

    I removed it and re-install it still nothing..

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 36 total)
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