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    Hi i have just downloaded and installed your plugin,
    am running woocommerce and have a WorldPay account, i am trying to get everything set up and working smoothly.
    i followed this online document to help me.
    when i go to test a transaction i select WorldPay click on proceed and it bounces me to this page
    i dont get any page asking for credit card details.

    please ask if you need any more info

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  • just to follow up, have spoken to worldpay who say your plugin works fantastic and they have help people set it up with wordpress and woocommerce before.

    But they have no idea what is wrong, As far as they are concerned everything is set up as it should be and no error messages are showing. unfortunately for me they have ask that i speak to woocommerce direct as they think the problem lies with them, i am sure your aware that woo wont help me as your plugin isn’t listed in the exclusive club, so unfortunately my friend your my last hope of getting to the bottom of why this is reacting the way it is.

    i am running flatesome theme 3.0 if that helps

    Plugin Author mdsilviu


    Give me a link to your website and i’ll take a look and let you know if it’s a problem from your installation or from the plugin

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    The problem is with your theme. That page you see after you press to pay has been modified and most likely some filters have been removed and the plugin can’t insert what is necessary to make the redirect to worldpay.
    I think this is the action removed from your modified version
    <?php do_action( 'woocommerce_receipt_' . $order->get_payment_method(), $order_id ); ?>

    ok cool, well at least we maybe getting somewhere. do you think its possible this could come from the confirmation email in woocommercce?
    thats the only file i have modified myself

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    That code is in the woocommerce shortcode for checkout that it’s in this file “class-wc-shortcode-checkout.php” that it’s in woocommerce core files but the theme you use or a plugin modified that shortcode for sure and removed that action, or it’s an older version that doesn’t have that action, i can’t really say so contact the theme author to add it.

    ok thanks so much, i will get on it straight away.

    Anyone else reading this must know that worldpay themselves spoke very highly of this plugin. 🙂

    thanks again

    am just following up for other people in case they are reading this and have the same issue, plus also as the plugin developer it might be interesting to you

    this was the response i got from my theme company, i have emailed back asking for clarification that the theme doesn’t support this plugin or is the issue else where. If its not supported then it might be worth chatting with them to see if it can be.

    anyway, thanks for such a fast response to my problem, lets hope i get this sorted asap.

    Michael replied
    May 15, 9:19pm
    Hi there,

    Thanks for your reply.

    What I am able to do at this time is to escalate this issue to the development team making them aware of the removal of this action which causes an incompatibility with this plugin.

    Please note that I cannot provide an ETA as to the turn around time in regards to a resolution for this request, but you will be notified as soon as any findings become available on this support request

    You may try and use the steps below to re-adding this action to the theme.

    Please log into your WordPress Dashboard as an administrator
    Install and activate the following plugin: [http://code%20snippets%20plugin/]Code Snippets
    Navigate to Snippets from your WordPress Dashboard and click on Add New
    Copy/Paste the code into the Code section and add a Description (optional)
    Click on Save Changes and Activate and leave the Scope on Run Snippet On Frontend.

    Plugin Author mdsilviu


    That action that i told you about it’s a default woocommerce action, it’s not specific to my plugin and removing that action means any other plugins that use that action won’t work

    Ok thanks, so i’d need to do a full back up before i started playing around with things and then see what if anything stops working.

    you have been a great help, i really appreciate it. Just really infuriating that i had to pay for a worldpay account just to find out your plugin is conflicting. not your fault what so ever, just a little bit lost of where to turn.

    thanks again

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