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  • Hi there,
    Thank you for the plugin. It’s very nice.
    I have been working with it and I have two questions.
    Let’s supposed you want Author to only see post and media on the sidebar. First you go to dashboard first plugin tab, choose author, save, and then keep going removing the sidebar elements.
    Two questions:
    a) If I want to return Settings (or any other tab), how do I bring back the first level settings (seetings, ,media, the plugin names, pages, posts, etc)? I understand that the submenu can return, but they will be main tabs. Am I wrong? can bring edit post, but it will be first level tab.
    b) If I go back to first plugin tab and choose Admin now. When I go back to sidebar tab, the elements removed previously for the Author are also removed here (back end), even though the real site/front end shows the tabs as expected. It seems that the visual drop and drag does not reflect the real site, but it does in the front.

    Thank you so much for the plugin.

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  • Plugin Author gqevu6bsiz


    Hi Gloak,
    Thank you for your feedback and sorry I don’t know correctly understand to your problems.
    WP Admin UI Customize settings data is one. This mean is possible customize for only your choosing user roles group.

    If you edit the user roles group, not choose user roles group is not customize.

    Did you resolve to your problems?


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