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  1. Tranny
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Is it possible to set up WordPress so when an update is released, the local files get updated automatically, not requiring admin to click on Update button? I will be going on an expedition that will take me away from the internet for a few months and would hate to have to leave my blog with potential security vulnerability that may be identified and patched later. Is there a way to have the blog update itself automatically when an update is released?

  2. Well... there is a way to do it-ish.

    I wouldn't do it myself ("Gun's don't kill, automated risk mitigation systems kill people"...) but if you convert everything to use SVN you could do it.

    Converting the core to SVN
    is simple (just make sure you use the 3.3 branch and NOT 3.2), but many vulnerabilities are plugin or theme related.

    If you could get the svn copies of those plugins and themes too, then you could create a cron job on your host (not WordPress) that would routinely svn up the different directories.

    Mind you, I'd make sure you have good historical backups but it's doable.

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