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  • I’m really not tech savvy. I need help in really simple words. 🙂

    I want to set up multiple blogs on my website.
    I have hosting through GoDaddy.
    I’ve dug around in the forums, which lead me to some tinkering around with the files on GoDaddy.
    I think I’ve set up MultiSite properly… However, I’m not sure if I’ve done the blogs.dir thing right…

    The options are now there for adding new sites…
    But when I click on the “View” or the “Dashboard” links I’m told that the sites I’ve created do not exist.

    Please help!!!

    And remember… Simple words. 🙂

    Thanks so much!!


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  • I was just informed in another thread that I need to set up DNS Wildcard… I can’t find instructions on how to do that, just old forum posts from 2006 of people complaining that GoDaddy (who I host with) didn’t support it… Although they mentioned that there was still a way to do it…

    Could someone tell me how to configure DNS Wildcard with GoDaddy??

    Thanks a million!


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    Ask GoDaddy. Their documentation has this listed, though.

    Of note, if you’re on SHARED hosting, you can’t.

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