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  • Hi

    I recently signed up with Bluehost, and attached myself, as it were, to WP… When i go to my site/domai, I get a blue template/blog

    I can’t change the thing, or don’t know how to start blogging, or redesigning the site.

    Can anyone help, please?


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  • Go here and here

    This has got to be the most rediculously unhelpful company… How is it possible that I can have access to my profile with my username “ilagardien”, but when I try to access my admin panel to start working on the site, i am told that they do not recognise my username… UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this frustrated after the first day. i sincerely hope it gets better. they don’t even have a help desk/support

    Your username and pw to access your account at the hosting company is not the same for administering WP.
    User for WordPress is always “admin” and the password has been given to you during the WP install process.

    We are the support, all the people in the world who use and love wordpress. This is free software. This is free support…. we’re all volunteers. So be a bit nicer, please…. Beel provide two really good “getting started” links: one to the documentation and one to the search function. Either one will certainly provide you with the help you need, though you will have to do a bit of looking on your own.

    In any case, try logging in as admin just for the sake of argument – and didn’t you get an email with your login info after you installed? (BTW, you didn’t say anything in your first post about not being able to login….)

    Also search for “zero in archive” – that should solve your problems (at least part of them 🙂

    Humblest apologies. I didn’t mean to sound rude I was just frustrated.

    This is what happens. I go to… towards the bottom of the page there is a link to “login”… when i click on this, I am asked to enter a user name and password.

    i enter the username provided to me “ilagardien” and the password “*****” I get the message that says “error: wrong user name”… same thing happens when i enter “admin” as user name.

    I follow the same procedure to get to Administration panel with the same results.

    Thanks for your patience with me 🙂

    1. Never publish your password! I edited it out, but don’t do that again 🙂 – it’s important for the security of your site!
    2. i enter the username provided to me “ilagardien” and the password “*****” – Who provided that username/pw combination? Is that for your site or for WP? Did you install WP or was it installed for you? Was it some one-click thing (Fantastico) – or your host?

    Did you not have to enter an email address when you installed WP and did one not get sent to you? Is that what you mean by “username provided to me”?

    …and it’s moshu by a length.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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