1. EclipseDesignConcepts
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi! Is there somewhere you can point me to with a more detailed explanation as to how to set this up? I'm clearly doing something wrong but I just can't put my finger on what.

    I have set up the menu which is rather large and took quite a bit of time to do so I am really stressing about this not working. The menu was submitted and approved and I received a URL (http://openmenu.com/menu/102cd12c-e10a-11e2-b6cf-00163eeae34c) which according to my openmenu account is live. (But, when I look at that link directly there appears to be issues with it.)

    I have my menu page set up with the slug renamed as 'tdcmenu' instead of just 'menu'. I am using the [openmenu] shortcode. When I go to the page (http://delphoscreamery/menu - which is not yet live) I get a message that states "OpenMenu URL must be provided". There is no where on my page setup to add that and I have seen no documentation anywhere on adding it to the shortcode.

    I have added a menu in the plugin called 'The Delphos Creamery' which has a place for me to add the URL, which I have done. There is a place on the post page to 'view' it. That takes me to a 404 page.

    I have looked and looked for what I might be doing wrong, instructions or anything and I am just not seeing/finding anything. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    I'm really nervous about this not working as I don't want all that time I spent building the menu on Openmenu to be wasted since I did it specifically for the website/plugin.

    Thank you in advance for you help!


  2. EclipseDesignConcepts
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ok, after all of that, I figured out the actual shortcode to use --[openmenu omf_url="openmenu url here"] -- (I think because I now have a menu showing up on my page.) However, what I have looks, um, horrible!! And it looks nothing like the sample above.

    Is this really how it looks 'out of the box'? It's just ... BAD! Do I really need to now go through hours and hours of CSS to make this look presentable or are there set ups somewhere that I am missing. I was hoping that it looked similar to the preview menu for my restaurant on the openmenu site but this is not even remotely close.

    I was using a plugin to save time so I am becoming frustrated as, I could have built the menu by hand with all the time I am spending setting up this plugin ...

    Very disappointed, but hopeful you can point me in the right direction to making this look presentable and making the time I have spent meaningful.

    Thanks again!

  3. EclipseDesignConcepts
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ugh LOL! Figured that out too! Thanks! Didn't need help, just patience! :p

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