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    On my subscription, I have it set to send me html excerpt of the post but it is sending me the full post in the email. Any idea why or how to fix?

    Also, I can set the default view for registered users to excerpt, but not for public subscribers. Can that be a request for a future update? I much prefer to have them click over to my site to continue reading.

    Thank you.

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  • @mlg913,

    If your posts are very short then the full content will get delivered but usually it will be approximately the first 55 words in the excerpt emails.

    In the free version Public Subscribers get plain text excerpts and in the HTML (paid) version they get full content HTML but there are instructions in the paid forum on how to edit the code to send HTML excerpts.

    I’m not sure why you would get full content if you’ve selected for excerpts unless you have also set the number of recipients per email to something other that 1 in the Settings page.

    The posts are, on average, 375 words with photos. It comes as full html every time. I even send it to another address in case it was because I am the admin, but that one gets full html (and not excerpt) as well.

    I can forward the email to you if you want to give me an email address to send to, or I can add you and you can see tomorrow morning if it comes to you in full html as well?


    Posting emails addresses in forums is a fabulous way to inundate your inbox with spam.

    Are you using “Subscribe2” or “Subscribe2 HTML”? If you go to the plugins page then plugin name will tell you.

    Sorry, I assumed you’d give me your address without actually typing it out. No problem…

    I use subscibe2html. When I had the subscribe2 free version, the plain text did come as an excerpt, it’s only since I upgraded to the html that it comes full post.


    That makes sense now – that’s what supposed to happen with the HTML version of subscribe2.

    In the HTML (paid) version your Public Subscribers get full content HTML as stated above in the second paragraph of my first reply.

    If you want to change this there are instructions on the paid sites forum.

    ok, i will go look at the forum again.. i did not find that the last time i looked. It asks me how I want my emails…. so I thought that meant I could pick how to receive. Receive email as: HTML – Full HTML – Excerpt Plain Text – Full Plain Text – Excerpt


    The article is here:

    you may see different emails as admin if the number of recipients is per email is not set to 1 in the Settings page.

    ok, I made that change. Yes, recipients was set to 1.
    I’ll know tomorrow.
    Thank you for your help.


    That’s great, let me know what happens tomorrow.

    SUCCESS! That worked. Thanks for your help!
    I don’t suppose there is a way for the email excerpt to include the featured image?


    If your theme supports thumbnails then you will have access to the {IMAGE} keyword that does exactly this.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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