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    I’ve set the backup for both database and files to be monthly, and it says it will back up on the 4th day of each month, but it is backing up every day. I tried deactivating the plugin and reactivating it, and that didn’t help. I tried changing the schedule and then changing it back and that didn’t help.
    Any ideas?

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    Human Made

    I’m currently investigating this issue, I think it’s a bug in the current version.

    Okay, thanks.

    I’m experiencing the same issue. I’ve had it set on both a weekly and a monthly schedule and still every day a new backup is made and instructions for the schedule is also updated from “Backup my xx MB database and files on the 7th of each month” to 8th and 9th and so on. It seems like a bug in the script.



    I ever had such issue. I removed the schedule, deactivate and delete the plugin, then reinstall it. And my problem solved. Try it, it won’t fix the bug in the plugin, but it may solve your problem. Good luck.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Handoko. I tried what you suggested but it didn’t work for me. BackupWordpress is still performing backups every day even though it’s set to backup once a month.

    Same problem here, on my own site as well as the websites of my clients.
    Any estimation on when a fix can be expected?

    The versions I have tested it on so far, are WP 3.5 as well as WP 3.5.1.
    Good luck in finding the fix, I’m willing to provide extra info if needed.

    Curious. On 1 website, WP 3.5 (not upgraded, German WP install), the problem persisted for 5 days after the monthly full backup was initially scheduled. From Jan 19th 2013 till Jan 23rd 2013, then it stopped.
    Because of an update I am about to implement, I have to run a manual full backup now, but I will keep monitoring it’s behavior to see whether the problem of daily backups returns or not.

    I have also setup a clean installation of WP 3.5.1 (opposed to the earlier tested WP 3.5.1 installation which was upgraded from WP 3.5 to 3.5.1) with BackUpWordPress 2.1.3 running on it, with currently no manual schedule configured to see what happens and what happens after I set one up after a few days.

    The same test-setup for WP 3.4.2 and 3.4.1.

    Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    Human Made

    This should have been fixed in version 2.2

    I have WP 3.5.1 and BackUpWordPress 2.2.1 and set it to
    Database daily (30) Complete monthly (3)
    But it still does a complete backup every day.
    Shall I deactivate and delete BackUpWordPress and reinstall it?

    I am also having this issue. Have two wordpress sites, one is 3.4.1, other is 3.5.1, both running BackupWordpress 2.2.1. Both running on IIS7 on Windows server 2008. I change the occurrence settings of every schedule, yet it doesn’t seem to do anything. Tried deleting the schedules and adding new ones, deleting the plugin and reinstalling it, nothing seems to work.

    e.g. I have database set to backup hourly, the message says “Backup my 22 MB database hourly on the hour, store only the last 30 backups on this server.”, yet when I highlight the “hourly on the hour” it says “The next backup will be on 02/26/2013 at 11:00 PM”, but it just seems to backup at random times regardless. Here is a screenshot

    Hi, how is this issue resolved?
    I’m having the same problem and I don’t see a solution in this discussion.
    please assist.

    Still got the same issue on multiple sites.

    Running WP 3.5.1 with Backupwordpress 2.2.4

    Not resolved, any progress?

    This has been a workhorse, awesome plugin until a couple versions ago. I too, love(d) the plugin but now get daily backups no matter how I schedule it.

    I’ve tried deleting and re-installing from scratch and the issue comes right back…daily backups. Looking forward to fix (using 2.2.4)

    I uninstalled Backupwordpress and installed BackWpup.
    The plugin BackWpup does the job and works brilliant

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