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  • iro


    Hi! I love WordPress and I use it to run an art site for selling my prints. I want to make entries for each of my paintings, etc. and have thumbnails of the images in the entry titles so that people can see the art featured in the entries. For instance, if someone searched for the tag “kimono” then they would see a set of thumbnails of art with that keyword.

    How can I set images in the entry titles? I’m sure that I’ve seen people do it before, but I can’t remember which sites and I didn’t find out if they were using plugins, etc.

    I’m also interested in possibly integrating PHPWebGallery into my WordPress, but it seems that work on Photon has stopped.

    If it helps, my website (not finished yet) is and the page that entries appear on (I have a static front page) is here-

    WordPress is the best website software I’ve ever tried, and I know that there must be SOME way to get it to do what I need- I’m not experienced in any type of coding except for HTML, though, so I can’t make my own plugins yet. I managed to make a custom theme from another, but that’s it…

    Could someone please help? Thank you.

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