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  1. WarAxe
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I apologize if this has been addressed recently but I didn't see it searching.

    I have seen people set their wordpress theme based on the URL... for example... http://www.mysite.com/index.php?theme=blix

    Was this hacked in themselves or is this a side benefit of one of the available theme plugins?

  2. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 10 years ago #

  3. WarAxe
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Okay, I already have that plugin installed and activated, but I'm unsure of the URL syntax to use (and the docs are pretty thin).

  4. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 10 years ago #

    Manual link:

    /?wptheme=Theme Name

    If you're providing multiple themes for readers to select, follow the usage instructions at the link provided above and add one of the plugin's template tags to your Theme's sidebar (or wherever you want the theme links displayed).

  5. WarAxe
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I didn't really want users to be able to choose their own theme (not yet, anyway), but I wanted to be able to view my own site in a prospective theme (or an experimental one) without having to change my real, live theme and without having to install an entire seperate blog just for seeing how different themes would look on mine.

    I tried the syntax you mention above, but it didn't do anything.

  6. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 10 years ago #

    So if you did this:

    http://www.negative99.com/?wptheme=Thin Green Line

    You don't see things change? Because I do (Note: copy the full line and paste in your browser's address field). Also try this:


  7. WarAxe
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Wow... whatever narcotics I'm on must be some good stuff! :-) Thanks for the calibration. I wasn't using case sensitive theme name!?!? :-)

    This will motivate me to modify my "installed" themes to work with my current setup *instead of looking all goofy and discombabulated-sp?). Cool! Thanks for your help!

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