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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi there!

    Yes, this is possible for any hierarchical taxonomy, they are often called “categories”.

    In the category selection box, you can tick the radio button on the right:

    Regarding the permalink structure: The primary term selection will affect the %category% part in your permalink structure.

    “Dynamic” is a big word; so, if I got your question wrong, feel free to rephrase it 🙂

    P.S. This doesn’t work yet with Gutenberg.

    Joe G.


    Hi Sybre, thank you for the response.

    I understand how to do the above using the admin. But, I need to do this for thousands of existing products (using woocommerce).

    Is there a TSF hook I could use to do this, or do I just need to write a custom script to set the WP metadata?

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi Joe,

    I recommend using a script to set the metadata, this way you ensure future compatibility.

    The meta key is: _primary_term_{$taxonomy}
    So, if it’s a default category, then it’ll be _primary_term_category

    The meta value will be an integer, this will be the term ID.

    For the loop, I recommend checking each post for having the term ID.
    Alternatively, you can set up a query that grabs all posts that have the term ID set.

    It’ll look a bit like the snippet below. It’ll probably abruptly stop due to memory exhaustion. When that happens, you might wish to turn this into a paginated query containing X posts, where you’ll iterate through the “pages” updating X posts at a time.

    Warning: This has not been tested! Make a backup first and/or test it on a disposable site.

    // Increase memory limit
    wp_raise_memory_limit( 'set-metadata' );
    // Set values....
    $post_type = 'product';
    $taxonomy = 'product_cat';
    $term_id = 1;
    // Get product IDs. This is a slow query!
    $products = get_posts( [
    	'post_type'   => $post_type,
    	'numberposts' => -1,
    	'fields'      => 'ids',
    	'tax_query'   => [
    			'taxonomy'         => $taxonomy,
    			'field'            => 'id',
    			'terms'            => $term_id,
    			'include_children' => false,
    ] );
    // Set metadata here
    foreach ( $products as $product_id ) {
    	update_post_meta( $product_id, "_primary_term_{$taxonomy}", $term_id );

    I hope this helps 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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