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  1. isay
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    Hi there!

    I'd like to set post status based on if a post belongs to a specific taxonomy...

    I have a site where I let users create posts (custom post type "event") from front-end. The users can create posts and associate them with a category and a "channel" taxonomy. The users can create "real" posts and "test" posts. For this I created a "Test Channel". From front-end you can navigate among the posts based on category, channel etc. I want to prevent all "test" posts from appearing in any other place than one specific place, ie when I view the "Test Channel"...

    The only way I managed to do this was by creating a new post status "test-post", which is hidden in all places except in the "Test Channel"-page. So far so good...

    Now what I needed to do was to set the status based on taxonomy. I used the "save_post" action hook for this, which checks the taxonomy and sets the status...

    This works fine when I do update of posts, since I can do update of the taxonomy before doing update of the post. The problem is when I create a new post! When creating a new post I need to create the post before associating the taxonomy. Thus the "save_post" action hook is unaware of the "Test Channel" taxonomy when doing the update of the status...

    Any tips on how to solve this or doing something alternative?


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