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  • Hello wp gurus,
    Here is a big problem for me and hopefully a small one for you:
    I am building a portfolio/blog; all projects-related posts have a set of images associated to them in the form of custom fields like:
    key=gallery value=”link to image file”

    These images will be displayed in a slideshow (Smoothgallery) so I need my wp template to repeat a code snippet containing a couple of variables, like the link to the img file, the title of the image and its description.

    This is the part that needs repeating in the rendered html:

    <a href="BigIMG"></a>
    <img src="MediumIMG" />
    <img src="ThumbIMG" />

    What I need the most is to get the links to the image files; the title and description are less vital in case they make the prolem overly complex.

    I checked the Get Custom plugin, but I can’t seem to find a way; also went extensively through the codex and landed on many sites like The Udersigned. I’m lost.



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