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    Hi everyone,

    I’m developing a WP multisite for a client. This client organizes events, every event has it’s own subsite. She wants to be able to set the subsite for the most recent event as the multisite homepage, so visitors that type in the url automaticly get redirected to that subsite. Is that possible (without editing .htaccess)?

    Thanks in advance,

    YourLiVe online

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  • There isn’t a simple way to do this programatically, but you can easily redirect the home page of the main site in the following manner:

    1. Install and activate the PageLinksTo plugin on the root site (you can network-activate it)
    2. Create a blank placeholder page on the root site
    3. Go to Settings->Reading and set the front page to a static page, choosing the blank placeholder page you created
    4. Edit the blank placeholder page, scroll to the bottom of the editor page and choose “An alternate URL” in the “Page Links To” box
    5. Paste in the URL of the event to which you want to redirect

    Then, each time a new event is created, you simply need to edit the placeholder page you created in the root site, and change the URL to which it redirects.

    Thanks for your respons. Doest this work the same as <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=new-url"> Because I read that no good for SEO.

    No, this does not work the same as a meta refresh. The Page Links To sets up a proper 301 redirect using PHP, which is fine for SEO and also much more desirable to users (i.e., it doesn’t break the “back” button).

    Allright, this one works as well. Thanks again!

    I am trying something similar to what you are doing for your client. I want the home page to have tabs/dropdowns categories so that when the visitor to the site clicks on the dropdown/tabs of his interest he will be lead to that sub-site. But I have no clue on how to add a tab/dropdown which can link directly to the sub-site. Any clues?

    If you use a custom menu, you can just insert any hyperlink into the menu (so you can just insert the hyperlink to the subsite as a menu item). Is that what you mean?

    Some reading material :

    Yes very similar to what you just said.

    To help you visualize, I am looking at, here each sub-site is added as a menu e.g, mom, home, tech etc on the main site menu When a visitor clikes on menu -> niches he like say for e.g Tech, a sub-site open for tech opens.

    This is helping the site maintain multi-niche site from within ehow. I am looking at creating similar structure.

    Did you also mean the same?

    Yes, you can easily achieve this with a custom menu. You might wanna link to a category page, eg

    That way, you can just orden your posts into categories and the category page will only show posts in that category.

    Super this is happening. Thanks a lot!

    Will this work for category menus as well? i.e for posts ordered into categories that appear as menus on the home page?

    You can just add categories to a custom menu, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

    Wonderful just tried this this is working too. Thanks. Was looking for a solution for so now close to a week, I had gone into reading about multi-site feature of WordPress even, that had shown on how to create the multi-site but not how to showcase all sites into a single site like you have. Great ! thanks once again :-).

    Great, glad I could help you 😉 Goodluck with your website!

    PS you don’t need a multisite to do this, multisite is way to complicated for such a simple task. A custom menu is all you need.

    Yes, It works in my case as well….

    Thanks once again.

    To show that the multi site home page is having some activity for SEO purpose, how can one link the new articles being posted on the sub sites automatically when they are posted to the home page or the landing page. I was thinking of say a image slider or just images links being refreshed with the newly posted content. This would boost both the aesthetic of the landing page and show the search engines that there is activity happening on the landing page.

    How to enable this feature?

    You could try this plugin:

    It will automatically post (excerpts of) the posts on your subsites onto your homepage. Is that what you want?

    @seo Company India, cool, good luck to you!

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