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  • Version 3.2 of WordPress has not been released yet and the plugin will not work on a new install unless it’s version 3.2

    I know that version 3.2 is *supposed* to be out this month (today being the last day of the month) but what do we do in the meantime?


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  • Same thing here…basically don’t update till new wp version comes out…had to roll back the plugin to an older version…

    Here’s a quick and temporary fix I’ve done for several clients so the version check matches the WP install.

    If you have cPanel or access to your WordPress files and, go to the wp_ozh_adminmenu.php file to edit the version check. It’s found in the folder tree listed below:
    /wp-content/plugins/ozh-admin-drop-down-menu/wp_ozh_adminmenu.php <— Open in a text or code editor, then scroll to the bottom and look for this code on line 134:

    if ( version_compare($wp_version, '3.2-beta1', '<') ) {

    Then replace it with this code (simply change versions, like 3.1.4):

    if ( version_compare($wp_version, '3.1.4', '<') ) {

    Save the file, then re-activate the Ozh Admin Menu plugin in your WP admin. Enjoy!


    I found this a bit odd too, but since I’d read on that 3.2 was due in a few short days, I just installed and waited for the upgrade before activating. Now that I’ve got 3.2 installed on a few sites and have this plugin activated, I’m extremely happy with the result.

    There were a few people who said that with 3.2’s new dashboard layout this plugin would be redundant, but I completely disagree. It gives me the full width of my screen to insert my own dashboard panes, which is what I wanted it to do.

    and YAY…it’s out as of tonight.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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