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    I would like to have a different banner image than the one on the Home Page, at the top of different subject sections. I followed the directions on the tutorial on how to change the image but it just doesn’t seem to work. To be honest, I’m terrified of code so I hope there is something that I’ve just missed and it’s really easy to do. The site I’m trying to put together is not a blog but a permanent help line for weavers. The site is Can someone tell me what I’m missing? Any help would be appreciated.

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  • I looked at the source of your page and it looks like whoever did you theme might have taken out the built-in TwentyTen WordPress functionality for uploading a new header image. If so then you will have to find someone to help you edit the header.php file directly. But is hard to tell from the final source code.

    HOWEVER, you can check to see if the functionality for uploading a new header still exists in your theme, and if it works quite easily.

    Look in the sidebar of your admin for:
    Appearance > Header

    YOu might have to click the little arrow next to “Appearance” to see the “Header” link.

    Once there I think you will be surprised how easy it is to upload a new picture to replace your old one. The trick is uploading a picture of the right size and dimensions. But give it a try. If you don’t like you can just switch back.

    Of course this is contingent on the fact that whoever built your site didn’t remove that functionality from header.php.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    I’ve changed the header from the theme image on the Home page and I’m happy with that. What I want to do is to change the featured image on other pages – the FAQ pages to visually represent what the help topics are about. Watching the tutorials made it look very easy to have different images at the top of different pages. That’s what I can’t seem to do, even after I followed their directions closely.

    Thanks for looking into this for me.

    Could you post a link to that tutorial? I am curious what they are suggesting before I give any more off the wall advice 😉

    EDIT: Oh that is a paid site? Hmmm. Thinking.

    Yeah, so it works like I thought (I just misunderstood your intitial question).

    Have you used the “Featured image” functionality with posts or pages? That is how you can change header image for any one post or page in TwentyTen.

    1) Goto the post/page you want to change the header for.
    2) In the sidebar on the right at the bottom you will “Set Featured Image”

    Clicking that will bring up the same image/media uploader you use for everything. Upload the image (it HAS to be big enough or it won’t show), and then when it finished uploading where you would normally click “add to post” you will see a link next to it that says, “Set as featured image”.

    Click that. Close the media loader. And the publish/update the post/page.

    Voila! You have changed the header image for that page or post. I don’t think there is a ready to go way to do that for an entire subsection with the code as is, but hey that’s still pretty handy. No mucking with any code and I THINK you have what you were looking for?

    Hope that helps.

    That did it – I was doing everything right but the one word that was the clue for me was (it HAS to be big enough). I knew it had to be something simple and the size of the image wasn’t something that was emphasized in the tutorial. I really appreciate your help with this beingzoe!

    Ha. So much for paid tutorials (just kidding I am sure they are great).

    Find your day well Fibrelady!

    Thanks beingzoe. It’s always good to know you CAN teach an old dog new tricks ;>)

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