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  • I am using the newest version of WordPress and have a theme that supports featured images in posts. I have created over 30 posts so far and featured images have been working fine. I haven’t changed anything so I am curious as to why this is happening.

    Here is the issue :

    When I create a new post or edit one and click Set Featured Image,
    I will navigate to my photo I want to use, but when I click set featured image, it just jumps to the top of the page and nothing happens or appears. It is like wordpress is not processing my click or something.

    I have uploaded other photos, chosen some from my gallery, but no matter what when I click Set Featured Image, nothing happens and it just jumps to the top of the page.

    Any ideas?

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  • Sounds like a possible JavaScript conflict. Install any plugins recently? If a plugin or theme doesn’t register JavaScript properly, it can mess with the admin functionality.

    I don’t think I have even added any plugins today. I can double check. Maybe if I disable them all and reactivate.

    I would disable the plugins and then see if the functionality is restored. If so, it’s a matter of narrowing down which plugin is causing the conflict.

    Disabled all of them and it still does not work. I made absolutely no changes to my blog today except adding a new post so I don’t get why suddenly it is not working. Yesterday was fine.

    hmm that does sound odd. I guess the next thing to check would be to change your theme to the default theme if it’s not, and try it again.

    Wow….still does not work. I really cannot take the chances to reinstall wordpress. Been working hard on this blog and need it up for the traffic I am getting. Maybe there is a featured image plugin I can use to replace the default?

    Are the images you uploaded showing up in the gallery tab of the image uploader? Also, have you tried using a different browser?

    Yes they show up in the gallery and media. I have also used Internet Explorer. Maybe I will restart my PC and see if that helps.

    Still not working. *sigh*

    Wow, that’s not cool. Unfortunately we’re out of my suggestions… Hopefully someone who knows what they’re doing will step in here and be able to help.

    I even re-installed WordPress……nothing. Does not work on other themes and for some reason my theme editor is gone too….. Thanks for the help.

    Hey Justin I finally figured it out! After EVERYTHING I tried, I realized something….I installed Bulletproof Security and it was giving me a lot of trouble so I removed it after disabling. I was receiving permission errors “404”….so I thought maybe it was enabled somewhere hidden.

    So I checked my .htaccess file….and there it was still in my code. I removed it and now have full permissions and everything works fine!

    Thanks again.

    Nice, i’m glad you got it figured out!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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