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  1. rykios
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have just converted a cooking recipes invision (IPB) forum to WordPress, ended up with 6 thousand posts containing images, and i need to set first image of each post at "featured" (thumbnail)
    If i understand correctly, an image needs to be copied to the WordPress image gallery before it can be set as featured for a specific post. At the moment, most images are hot-linked from their previous location, like this:

    Blah Blah <br /> <img alt='' src='http://mydomain.com/FORUM/UPLOADS/monthly_06_2009/post-3-1245750187.jpg'/> <br /> blah blah...

    *Some forum members, did not use the forum upload feature: Some images posted, are hotlinked from other locations (image hosting services).

    Question: Is there a plugin, that will "scan" ALL 6.000 posts, pick the first image found in each post content, (copy into library the thumbnail?) and set as post FEATURED image?
    Been trying some plugins i found with no success.. ANY help is welcomed :)
    Thank you!

  2. rykios
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Typo fix:
    and i need to set first image of each post AS "featured" (thumbnail)

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